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A Kindly Reminder for Pressure Level Sensor

March 22, 2022

Yesterday Mr. Acharya from India sent us a after-sales request, complaining that the newly bought pressure level sensor could not work fine.

Our after-sales team quickly responded and started to check what happened. He bought a pressure level sensor HPT604 with measuring range 100 meter from the local whole seller, after he got it installed in the water tank, the water level value at Zero point directly outputs the value at full scale 100 meters.

Our engineer explained to him that the cause might be either of the following:

1. The sensor's diaphragm has been pressed and and its shape has been changed and damaged.

2. If the sensor is changed, the configuration of factory data is changed and re calibration shall be done.

3. The range has been moved (we can check this by increasing tank water level height).

4. The sensor cable is damaged and water ingression into sensor from cable occurs.

                                                                              Suitable level sensor for level control

As per the requirement of our engineer, Mr.Acharya sent us a photo of the pressure level sensor diaphragm that finally confirmed our inferance. It is the diaphragm that had been damaged by probably a tool or hard objects. He then advised us that he used a tool to touch the part. Cause has been found, and the problem would be solved quickly. He bought another sample from us.

When we directly sell products to our whole sellers or resellers or users, our sales will emphasize that no touch or press on the diaphragm for any reason.


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