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Analyze the Wires of RTD Temperature Probe

July 06, 2020

Through the analysis of the "seebeck effect", there are many people who want to know about RTD temperature probe. Because thermocouple cannot cover the whole field of temperature measurement, the utilization rate of RTD probe is higher than that of thermocouple in actual working conditions. In addition, more attention has been paid to the relationship between the RTD temperature probe of different wires.

Compared with thermocouple, the method of judging RTD temperature probe not only needs to consider from the degree, but also from the method of different wire system to draw a conclusion. It can be divided into two wire, three wire and four wire systems, depending on the number of leads.

2 wire RTD temperature probe cannot eliminate the resistance of the lead wire, so it has a large error and cannot be applied to high-precision working conditions.

3 wire RTD temperature probe can eliminate the resistance of the sensor lead itself, the measurement accuracy is higher, this is also the most commonly used industrial temperature measurement.

4 wire RTD temperature probe is a lead wire added on the basis of three-wire RTD temperature probe. It's precision is higher than that of three-wire thermal resistance. It is generally used in laboratory or high-precision measurement environment.

No matter how many wire made RTD temperature probes, they are essentially "Resistance Temperature Detector", and they are indispensable temperature sensors for industrial temperature measurement.


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