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Application Prospect of Magnetostrictive Level Probes

December 24, 2019

Due to its good stability and reliability, magnetostrictive level probes are well received in the field of industrial measurement. Looking at the fast-growing technology, the measurement principle of a single stainless steel material and sensor can no longer meet the needs of modern industrial measurement. That is to say, the magnetostrictive material will replace the traditional stainless steel material and a single measurement theory, which will provide a more effective solution for water level or oil level measurement.

It is well known that magnetostrictive level probes are used not only for industrial measuring instruments, but also for sonar technology and marine life detection. It can be widely used, mainly based on the principle of magnetic field in magnetostriction. When it is magnetized in a magnetic field, it will be elongated or shortened in the direction of magnetization. When the current passing through the coil changes or changes the distance from the magnet, The size is a ferromagnetic material that undergoes a significant change. In addition, magnetostrictive torsion can generate torsional vibrations by utilizing the magnetostrictive effect by causing the cylindrical material to produce longitudinal magnetostriction while adding a circular alternating magnetic field around the cylinder axis.

Since the magnetostrictive level probe changes its length under the action of a magnetic field, it also undergoes a displacement phenomenon or can repeatedly stretch and shorten in the action of an alternating magnetic field, thereby generating vibration or sound waves. This material converts electromagnetic energy (or electromagnetic information) into mechanical or acoustic energy (or mechanical displacement information or acoustic information). Instead, it can also convert mechanical energy (or mechanical displacement and information) into electromagnetic energy (or electromagnetic information). ). More importantly, it is also an important energy and information conversion functional material. With the development of marine biological detection system, it is the sonar underwater acoustic transducer technology, electroacoustic transducer technology, ocean exploration and development technology, micro-displacement drive, vibration and vibration prevention, noise reduction and noise prevention system. High-tech fields such as intelligent wings, robots, automation technology, fuel injection technology, valves, pumps, and wave mining have broad application prospects.


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