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Operating Principle Of Ultrasonic Distance Level Sensor

December 25, 2019

Operating principle of ultrasonic distance level sensor is developed based on measuring distance and measuring environment. In daily life, ultrasonic distance level sensor is mainly used in storage tank, coal slurry tank, barn and farm granary, etc. There are two ultrasonic ranging schemes at present: one is based on single chip microcomputer or embedded equipment ultrasonic distance system. The other is based on CPLD ultrasonic distance system. In order to understand two different ultrasonic ranging schemes, we need to know the operating principle of ultrasonic distance level sensor.

Ultrasonic distance level sensors are not as complex as you might think. It is through ultrasonic transmitter to send ultrasonic waves in a certain direction, the transmitter at the same time start timing, ultrasonic wave in the air when the transmission of obstacles immediately return, ultrasonic receiver received the reflection wave immediately stop timing. And ultrasonic distance level sensor, the use of ultrasonic echo ranging principle, the use of accurate time difference measurement technology, detection of the distance between the sensor and the target, the use of small Angle, small blind area ultrasonic sensor, with accurate measurement, no contact, waterproof, anti-corrosion, low cost and other advantages. Ultrasonic distance level sensor is a commonly used way radiation head corresponding to a receiving head, is also a multiple transmitting head corresponds to a receiving head based on ultrasonic distance measurement is simple, easy to operate and no damage, etc so be measured ultrasonic round-trip time, distance can be obtained, which is to transmit the operating principle of ultrasonic distance level sensor sensor.

According to the working principle of ultrasonic distance level sensor, we can solve many faults of ultrasonic ranging in daily measurement.


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