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Common Problems of Electromagnetic Flow Meters

August 10, 2022

As we all know that electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal solution in water supply systems, we can see they are quite common in this field. While during use, users may encounter some common problems. Let's take a look.

1. Power supply problem

Most electromagnetic flow meters on the market require external power supply, which it is inconvenient for use outdoors where city power supply is a challenge. Once the power is cut off, the data of the flow meter used for settlement of the water meter may be missing, which will raise new problems in the measurement and estimation of the missing water volume during the power-off period. If the electromagnetic flow meter has its own power supply, it can fundamentally solve this problem. Holykell battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter is a solution.

Holykell magnetic flow meter

2. Signal transmission problem

The electromagnetic flow meter used in the regional pipe network can provide decision-making reference for urban water supply plan, so users hope that the electromagnetic flow signal is continuous in real time. The current magnetic flow meters require water supply companies to develop or select other data transmission systems in order to realize real-time monitoring of data. This not only increases the cost input, but also increases the difficulty of operation management.Holykell GPRS magnetic flow meter is a solution. It completes the automatic conversion and wireless transmission of signal, which enables users use in remote ares without frequent checking the data on the site by the staff.

3. Lightning protection problem

When electromagnetic flow meters are used outdoors especially in remote mountains, lightning protection is a severe challenge. Holykell electromagnetic flow meter is designed to improve the lightning protection performance of the flow meter itself and the effect is obvious.


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