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Driver water level data logger: Multi-function measuring instrument

December 26, 2019

Driver water level data logger is a versatile measuring instrument for collecting water level changes, pressure and temperature. Through contact measurement, it can accurately monitor water quality, water level changes and water temperature. Therefore, it is widely used in water conservancy projects, urban flood control, outdoor water quality monitoring and urban drainage. Because the sensor's probe is generally made of fully enclosed 316L stainless steel, it also provides effective protection for corrosive media and oil extraction measurements.

Compared with the traditional pressure and level sensors, the driver water level data logger has unique advantages. Firstly, it can measure the temperature, pressure and liquid level of the medium at the same time. The sensor probe transmits the information of the medium to the display by directly contacting the medium, and the measured medium is not restricted (water, liquid or corrosion), so as to achieve "real" multi-functional measurement. Secondly, battery power supply is adopted to avoid the trouble of power cord winding, and it also provides convenience for outdoor workers. For remote mountainous areas, power resources are scarce, and power supply cannot be measured stably for a long time.Because the input water level recorder optimizes the energy consumption of digital information, even an ordinary battery can be used for many years without replacement. Thirdly, due to the particularity of industrial measurement, we can provide users with sensors of stainless steel and titanium metal body, which have high resistance to flammable and explosive media and good stability. In addition, it has a long life of data storage performance, it can record measurement data 5000 times in theory, the battery life of up to 10 years of excellent performance.

Driver water level data logger compensates for the lack of a single measurement, and also takes advantage of the wireless level measurement, which also lays a solid foundation for multi-function measurement.


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