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Holykell High Temperature Pressure Sensor Up to 500℃

February 02, 2021

High temperature pressure sensors are used in applications where the media temperature exceeds the temperature limits of standard or normal pressure sensors, such as steam, food processing & engine monitoring.

Holykell High Temperature Pressure Sensors

Holykell provides several high temperature pressure sensors.Thanks to their special materials and designs used for cooling, they themselves can measure medium up to 200℃, which already meets requirement of most applications.

                                                                          high temperature pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

Extra Solutions for High Temperature Applications

Nevertheless, part of our customers still have higher expectation for the high temperature pressure sensors as they have to deal with cases which require higher temperature. To solve this problem, we work out extra solutions. Three types of metal accessories can be matched with our pressure sensors, and the temperature can reach from 150-500℃.

Different Products Used in Different Cases

High temperature pressure sensors are the most common solution for measuring pressure in hot environments, but reducing heat with a cooling element may be still a good choice for some applications.


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