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How the open channel flowmeter works?

January 02, 2020

Open channel flowmeters are not as complicated as you think. From the perspective of its application, it can timely monitor the flow rate of water level, can convert liquid signals into electrical signals, so as to remind the staff of the current operating conditions.

Open channel flowmeters are non-contact measurements. Its working principle is to use open channel technology and flow rate (water level calculation method) as the basis, and by measuring the fluid level height, and then through the flow meter chip calculation processing, so as to get the flow data. More importantly, the open channel flowmeter is based on the change in water level to obtain the actual water level and the geometric dimensions of the channel, slope coefficient, channel accuracy, vertical plane correction coefficient of hydraulic ramps and flow rates, and calculate the channel flow according to the preset mathematical model.

In a word, under the control of microcomputer, the open channel flowmeter transmits and receives the information of the open channel. According to the transmission time, the distance between the open channel flowmeter and the measured liquid level is calculated, so as to obtain the proportional relationship between the liquid level height and the flow, that is the liquid flow.


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