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How to Evaluate Pressure Measuring Instruments from Holykell

January 04, 2021

Accurate pressure measurement is critical in any process thus the pressure measuring instrument used really matters. It can be life or death in extreme cases. And pressure sensor may be the most common pressure measurement device in process monitoring and control.

How to Evaluate Pressure Measuring Instruments from Holykell

Then how to evaluate pressure measuring instrument, such the pressure sensor? Maybe we can evaluate from the following aspects. Firstly it is the accuracy provided. For example, the accuracy of pressure sensors from Holykell is high to 0.25%F.S. The higher the accuracy, the more precise measurement data is provided. Secondly, it's the pressure range, most of our pressure sensors' pressure range is low to -1~0, high up to 1000 bar, which can meet the most of the requirement in industries. Do not use a product to measure pressure that exceeds its max range but the one suitable for the specific application. Moreover, if it is used in explosive cases, explosion-proof ability and certificate are a must, like ATEX, EX ia ll CT6 Ga and etc. So it can be used in such cases as oil industries, gas station and so on.

                                                                                  Pressure measuring instruments are used for pressure measurement

Since pressure measuring instruments vary in different application for different purposes, OEM or ODM service availability can help reach to the best optimization, like various pressure ports or electronic connections provided by some manufacturer. In a word, choosing the most suitable instrument for your case.


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