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How to Maintain Sanitary Flat Diaphragm Pressure Sensors

October 09, 2022

Flat diaphragm pressure sensors are generally used in sanitary applications, for example, medicine, food, beverage and beer industries. They adopt a flat diaphragm whose measuring end is specially treated, so that the hard particles in the measured medium will not damage the isolating flush diaphragm. To make them utilize the use, daily maintenance is important.


How to Maintain Flat diaphragm pressure sensor?

Flat diaphragm pressure sensor

1. Check whether the clamp is deformed;

2. Keep the mounting holes clean;

3. Carefully clean;

4.Prevent pressure overload;

5. Keep it dry;

6. Avoid low temperature interference;

7. The pressure transmitter is required to be checked once a week and to be inspected once a month.


The maintenance of sanitary flat diaphragm pressure sensors is mainly to remove dust in the instrument, to check the electrical components, and the output current value frequently. The inside of the pressure transmitter is weak current, which must be separated from the external strong current.


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