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Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Used in Automatic Weather Station

February 22, 2021

                                                                                             Hydrostatic level transmitters are used for pressure measurement

Our hydrostatic level transmitter has been used in the automatic weather station by our customer in Japan. What he used is the model HPT604 which is one of the best sellers and keeps ranking the top of the sale list.

This hydrostatic level transmitter can monitor the liquid level height, level change condition and provides continuous water level data. It is a submersible type and features simple installation.

Except hydrostatic level transmitter, with other sensors and devices added, such as rain gauge, temperature sensors, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, the weather station provides all the required information including wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, rainfall and other information. And what's more, all the data can be uploaded to the cloud server in real time. So you can remotely monitor and do not bother to go to the site.


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