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Input Level Sensors for Water Level Measurement

October 21, 2020

If you’re looking for an input level sensor for water level measurement applications, something you might need know.

What is Input Level Sensor

Actually input level sensors measure level within a specific range and equal to submersible level sensors in terms of the working principle. Input level sensors are generally attached to a long cable, which is then lowered to the bottom of the liquid vessel. The sensor operates by measuring the level of the liquid by calculating the distance from the measuring point to the surface level via the measured pressure.


                                                                                          input level sensors are used for water level measurement



Input Level Sensors for Water Level Measurement

The simplicity of using input level sensor makes it the instrument of choice wherever level needs to be measured, no matter if in a vented tank, vessel, lake, river or reservoir. In most cases it is easy to install, just make it suspended by the cable to the desired level of measurement or just submerged and allowed to sink to the bottom of the resource. For more complex condition, to avoid it flowing along with water, or to reduce or eliminate the risk that the device would be damaged by hitting the walls or other dangerous factors, they can be fixed firmly with the help of metal straps or clamps.

The input level sensor is a specialized sensor for level monitoring, most commonly used in the water and waste water industry. Its simple use and reliable and accurate measurement technology make it one of the most commonly used level sensors by far.


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