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Measuring Principle of Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter

December 24, 2019

The measurement principle of non-contact radar level transmitter is based on the operating speed and running time of radar wave, and the electrical signal is converted into a liquid level signal by an electronic calculation method. According to the measurement principle of this radar wave, most manufacturers are developing new radar liquid level transmitters to meet most industrial measurement needs.

Non-contact radar level transmitter is a measuring instrument based on time travel principle. The radar probe sends high frequency pulse and propagates along the cable. When the pulse meets the material surface, it is reflected back to be received by the receiver in the instrument, and converts the distance signal into the level signal. Therefore, the utilization rate of non-contact measurement in industrial measurement is the highest. However, radar level transmitter is widely used in liquid water storage tank, acid and alkali storage tank, slurry storage tank, solid particles, small storage tank liquid level measurement.

Even if the non-contact radar level transmitter is widely used in many fields, but the suitable type of transmitter cannot be selected according to actual measuring environment, the effect it should have cannot be brought into play.


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