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Non touch ultrasonic level sensor used in Deaerator level monitoring

April 10, 2020

Non touch ultrasonic level sensor can accurately monitor the liquid level of the deaerator, make the deaerator work in the state of the highest efficiency, reduce the waste of resources, and thus achieve the effect of energy saving. It plays a key role in the liquid level control of the steam and water system.

In this system, non touch ultrasonic level sensor's main function in the deaerator is to control the change of its water level. Due to the continuous working mode of the deaerator, the water in the deaerator is constantly flowing, and the water supply requirement and the water output must be kept at a certain balance. If the water level of the deaerator is too high, the steam volume is small, the steam intake is unchanged, and the pressure is increased; less steam enters it, which causes the temperature of the water in the deaerator to be too low; A large amount of water is discharged from the overflow pipe, causing loss of working fluid and heat,  causing unstable working pressure in the deaerator and equipment safety and affecting the deaeration effect. If the water level of the deaerator is too low, and there is more steam in it, which makes the internal vapor pressure of the deaerator too high, higher than the saturation pressure corresponding to the water temperature in the deaerator. It will also affect the deaeration effect; it will cause damage to the feed water pump and endanger the safety of the unit. Therefore, accurate data output is required to monitor the water volume of the deaerator. Only by placing the instrument horizontally on the top of the container, we can get level data. The non-contact measurement method of the ultrasonic liquid level meter completely solves the problem of compensation for the system measurement error caused by the water side insulation of the traditional differential pressure pressure sensor. The 48-hour high and low temperature aging can provide long-term reliable continuous measurement data and respond at the same time. On the basis of fast speed and quick response it improves accurate measurement data and greatly reduce heat loss and serious consequences caused by measurement speed and error.

Non touch ultrasonic level sensor can not only monitor the liquid level of the deaerator in the stream and water system of the thermal power plant, but also continuously measure the liquid level of the system's softened pool, etc. By exerting its own advantages, it reduces the staff's workload, provides strong equipment technical support for safe operation and make great contribution to clean coal power generation.


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