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Solutions for Waste Water Level Measurement

October 20, 2021

A customer from Singapore would like to know what solutions Holykell could provide for waste water level measurement. He is spending much time in looking for a sensor capable of measuring the level of waste water in chambers that range from 50cm to 80 cm high.

Solution 1: Submersible Level Sensor HPT605

Measuring range: up to 200m



1.Unique filter design reduces blockage concern.

2. Submersible measurement adopted, high accuracy.

3. Compact size

4. More affordable price than the other two.

Solution 2: Radar Level Sensor HR260 series

Measuring range: up to 70m

Accuracy:±3 mm


1. High accuracy

2.Non-contact measurement, not affected by the medium density/concentration/vapor in the tank.

3. Suitable for almost all liquids and solids, powder

4. Long service life


Holykell waste water level measurement solutions

Solution 3: Ultrasonic Level Sensor UE3000 series

Measuring range: up to 15m



1. Two mode of distance/level measurement.

2. Non-contact measurement, no blockage and cleaning difficulty concern

3. Less affected by liquid viscosity, density, temperature...

4. Generally lower price than radar level sensor

Holykell provides various waste water level measurement solutions and wireless solutions are also available. Contact us for more details.



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