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Submersible Marine Liquid Level Transducer for Marine System

November 24, 2020

Submersible marine liquid level transducers place a very important role in ships. With the development of marine transportation, the demand is increasing.

How Marine Level Transducer Used in Marine System

One of the specific applications of submersible marine liquid level transducers is level and pressure measurement in water storage tanks. On a ship, there may storage tanks for the sea water (may be treated), which is especially common for a ship with long voyage.These tanks must be properly monitored so as to guarantee the normal water supply for the crew and passengers.


                                                                               Submersible marine liquid level transducers are used in sea water measurement


With the assistance of submersible marine liquid level transducers, the liquid level and pressure in the storage tanks can be checked and monitored effectively. One thing must be paid attention to is that the housing of transducer is better to be made of titanium alloy which is superior in corrosion resistance of the sea water considering long-term immersion in sea water, besides, that with 316L diaphragm inside is a good choice for the same purpose.Besides, the temperature change on the sea is great, the ability to work in such condition or with temperature compensation shall be considered.


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