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Troubleshooting of Differential Pressure Transmitters

June 06, 2022

Differential pressure transmitters are used for pressure differential flow measurement, which are widely used and play an important role in automatic control systems. As they become more and more popular, we may meet more problems in production. In addition, the installation, use and maintenance personnel are different. If the problems cannot be solved quickly, they will affect the normal production. Therefore, we are supposed to lean how to analyze the problems.

Holykell differential pressure sensor

Here we provide three methods when we encounter problems with differential pressure transmitters.

1. Investigation method. Recall the ignition, power supply change, smoke, odor, lightning strike, moisture, or misoperation before the fault occurs.

2. Direct observation method. Observe the external damage of the circuit, the leakage of the pressure guiding tube, the overheating of the circuit, the status of the power supply switch, etc.

3. Detection method. Separate the part suspected to be faulty, check whether the fault disappears, and if it disappears, determine the fault location, otherwise, the next step can be found. For example, if the differential pressure transmitter cannot communicate normally, disconnect the power from the instrument body, and the transmitter is energized for communication by means of additional power supply to check whether the cable is superimposed with about 2kHz electromagnetic signal and interferes with communication.

Just kindly remind that all the methods for the differential pressure transmitters should be tried and conducted with personnel safety guaranteed.


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