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Ultrasonic water level meter used for water treatment

March 25, 2020

There are has so many water treatment methods, including the specific method of water treatment for ultrasonic water level meter. However, as far as I know, there are still a few people here who still choose radar level sensor and submersible water level sensor to measure the water level. After all, for some people, the habitual use of one kind of sensor is more efficient than the new type of sensor. In my opinion, specific problems must be analyzed concretely.

Once you understand how the ultrasonic water level meter measures the water level, it may change other people's minds. As we all know, whether it is domestic water, industrial wastewater, or environmental sewage, these can only be measured or monitored with different sensors. If the sewage plant is used to monitor the level change of sewage pump, the use of ultrasonic water level meter is the best choice at this time, its built-in temperature sensor and ultrasonic servo circuit can avoid the loss of wave caused by condensate water, thus improving the stability and measurement accuracy of the sensor. But if the ultrasonic water level meter is used to monitor the water level in the tank of a power plant, it needs to avoid doing the measurement in a thick steam environment. This is because once the temperature difference between the tank and the outside is large, the ultrasonic mechanical wave cannot penetrate, so it cannot produce an echo.

The blind spot of the ultrasonic water level meter is also a concern for you. While most manufacturers are optimizing ultrasound technology, most ultrasound blind spots are limited to 60cm, while our engineers limit the blind spots to 20cm. Although we cannot eliminate the physical properties of the ultrasonic water level meter, by continuously optimizing the structure of the sensor, the blind spot value will become smaller and smaller.