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What We Benefit from Radar Level Transmitters

October 16, 2020

Evidence shows that radar level transmitters get more and more popular in recent 5 years for their level measurements. Compared with other types of sensors, for example, submersible level sensor, they have obvious advantages.

The Advantages of Radar Level Transmitters

Firstly, the applicable scope of radar level transmitters is wider and suitable for liquids and solids, so they can be used for cement silo or grain. And the medium properties of the medium to be measured are not limited, like density, conductivity. Secondly,they are neither affected by environmental conditions, like wind, falling rain and snow, fog, and sunlight, nor the temperature fluctuations, thus they are characterized by the high accuracy. Besides, they require minimum maintenance due to no moving parts.More importantly, they can be applied in complex and harsh condition. Even though they are put into a container or environment full of dust, vapour, waves, foams, vibration or powder, they can work and work well, without accuracy affected. Here it has to mention that with specially made probe/antenna, the working temperature can be up to +450°C/+842°F.


                                    radar level transmitters are used for liquid evel measurement


While the price of radar level transmitters is relatively higher than other level sensors. Different sensors are designed for different cases. Choosing the suitable product for the specific application is always the wise decision.


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