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What affect ultrasonic fuel level meter

February 28, 2020

Ultrasonic fuel level meter is a widely used measurement tool with various advantages such as wide application range, high accuracy, fast response and high sensitivity. It is commonly used in peotrochemical industry. As we all know the petroleum is flammable and explosive, so we require the ultrosonic level meter be explosion-proof and anticorrosive. ultrasonic fuel level meter has a high waterproof level, mainly adopts aluminum alloy shell, has very good explosion-proof performance, uses high-quality isolation modules and other original components which provides stable performance and high measurement accuracy.

Ultrasonic fuel level meter is a non-contact type instrument, which does not need to be in direct contact with liquid, and has a low failure rate. The factors that affect its measurement are roughly the following:

1. Wrong installation method. The transducer should be perpendicular to the measured medium, and it is required to be installed in a side position and prevent moisture, otherwise it will cause multiple callbacks and interfere with the measurement result.

2. When there is stirring in the tank, the integrated ultrasonic level gauge should be far away from the agitator. After the instrument is installed, perform "false echo learning" in the stirring state to eliminate the effect of the false echo produced by the stirring blade.

3. When feeding, stirring or other processing in the container, foam will be formed on the surface of some media, and the ultrasonic level gauge signal will be attenuated. If the foam causes errors, the sensor should be installed in a waveguide.

4. If there is strong airflow in the container, for example: it is installed outdoors and the wind is strong, or there is air vortex in the container, the sensor should be installed in the waveguide.

Ultrsonic fuel level meter will provide long-term and stable monitoring as long as the above factors are avoided.


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