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What are the different types of level measurement?

December 18, 2019

With growing different types of level measurements, it's hard for us to recognize types of level sensors. By the way, do you know how many types of level measurement? Like I said above, as an industrial sensor, it is important the different types of level sensor that need to know.

HPT604 Submersible Water Level Sensor-it is a submersible pressure level sensor suitable for liquid level and water depth measurement. It consists of an imported MEAS TE piezoresistive sensing element encased in 316 SS housing. It’s all stainless steel, hermetically sealed housing make it suitable The given measuring ranges are also available in mbar, kPA and MPa. For immersion in most industrial liquids and oils.

HR263 26GHz High Frequency Radar Level Sensor-it is a non-contact with high frequency, microprocessor controlled, easy to install and maintain digital level instrument. Through the antenna emitter narrow and low power microwave pulse signals, the pulse signal in the space at the speed of light transmission, encounter reflects measured medium, reflected signal is received, the pulse signal of the transmitted pulse signal and receiving time interval and the datum is proportional to the distance to the surface of the measured medium, the emitting and receiving by measuring the time interval, to realize the antenna to the surface of medium distance measurement.

US8000 Non Touch Ultrasonic Level Sensor-it is a kind of non-contacting level transmitter, controlled by microprocessor, easy installation and maintenance of level measurement instruments. The sensor emits a high-frequency pulse, and then listens for the echo. The pulse is transmitted in a cone. The pulse impacts the level surface and is reflected back to the sensor, now acting as a receiver , and then to the transmitter for signal processing.

Hoping you guys will find right level measurements from here.


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