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What to Note When Installing Grounding Ring of Electromagnetic Flowmeters

November 28, 2022

As per we mentioned last time, the grounding ring of an electromagnetic type flow meter is quite important. You can read here for reference. If it is not well installed, it may cause erosion and inaccurate measurement. Today, we are talking about what should be noted when installing the grounding ring.

What should we pay attention to during the installation of the grounding ring?

1.Good grounding of the electromagnetic flow meter is very important (especially on non-metallic pipes), and it is not easy to find potential hidden dangers during normal maintenance or inspection. Based on this experience, a yearly preventive maintenance inspection is established to measure the grounding resistance(required less than 10Ω) and observe whether the grounding wire is damaged or not, and whether there is corrosion at the connection.

Electromagnetic FLOW METER


2.When the electromagnetic flow meter is installed on insulating paint, plastic pipes or painted pipes, to short-circuit the measured medium in the pipe with the earth and have zero potential, grounding wires must be installed at two ends of the sensor, otherwise the flow meter cannot work normally.

3.The electromagnetic flow meter must use stainless steel as the grounding ring.

4.The grounding ring cannot be connected with other equipment, that’s to say, the grounding point must be an independent receiving point, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.

Actually except the grounding ring of the magnetic flow meter system, other aspects are also important to make it work fine in the applications. You can contact us for more professional technical documents, our engineers can instruct you how to install, use and maintain one step by step.