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Why Must Use Capacitive Fuel Level Sensors for Truck Tanks?

August 03, 2020

The exploration of capacitive fuel level sensor is not only to understand it's structure and basic wage principle, but also more conducive to our monitoring of the oil tank truck. As is known to all, the present stage of oil and diesel oil consumption is growing, each station all depends on the truck (fuel), but in the process of transportation fuel, in addition to the inevitable loss, all other oil must be fixed quantitative distribution to the gas station, the transportation is the most important link.

It is our subjective opinion that capacitive fuel level sensor is usually used for water tank level monitoring. Therefore, we neglected it's versatility - truck tank level monitoring. As I said above, the monitoring of the oil tank truck is only part of it's function. The real value of the sensor lies in it's construction and design principle. The measuring range of this sensor must be less than 3 meters for both tank and tank level measurement. There are two principles: first, the measuring range is too large for transportation. Second, the physical characteristics of capacitor electrodes and conductive materials. In addition, GPS positioning via the Internet can not only monitor the route of trucks, but also know the amount of fuel in real time. Whether it is the truck information or the amount of fuel, for the distribution of oil is absolutely good.

Many people may have doubts about the installation method of the capacitive fuel level sensor. You may compare it with the submersible fuel level sensor. You may have doubts about the stability of the capacitor and the accuracy of the contact measurement. But What I want to tell you is that every sensor developed into a market flow has it's value, which is not measured in terms of good or bad, but in terms of actual measurement needs and medium.



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