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Why Water Level Sensor a Good Choice for Water Tank Level Measurement

December 29, 2020

Water level sensor is also called submersible water level sensor, or liquid level sensor, input water level sensor. And it's widely used not only in water tank water level measurement, but also in water level measurement and control of fire-fighting pool, water tower, reservoir, dam, river, groundwater and etc.

Why Water Level Sensor a Good Choice for Water Tank Level Measurement


                                                                               water level sensors are used for water level measurement

Why we say water level sensor is the best choice for water tank measurement? Firstly, it is the high accuracy provided up to 0.15%F.S, which thanks to the imported millitary grade circuit board, high and low temperature linear compensation and small temperature drift. Secondly, it is the high adaptability. It can be used in an environment with an ambient temperature of -30℃ to -85℃, the unique glue filling process makes it air-tight sealing, or in a humid environment, the air tube conducts the atmosphere and automatically prevents moisture, or in a dry and static environment, the anti-static and anti-lightning design enables it work both indoors or outdoors in harsh conditions.

Moreover, it's very easy to install water level sensor which can be directly immersed in water, close to the bottom of the tank. For some small tanks with height of 0~0.5m, or tall tanks up to 500m, it can all work fine. Last but not least, its price is reasonable and can be accepted by most of people.