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Why need to monitor the level of ice machine ammonia tank?

December 18, 2019

Ice ammonia tank level monitoring is one of the hottest topics in refrigeration industry. As we all know, low temperature storage of liquid ammonia requires temperature compensation. Even though such storage tanks are vacuum and radiation proof, they cannot be completely insulated, so they still have some shortcomings.Because, the ammonia tank level change is also easy to lead to unstable operation and ice machine over pressure load is often the case.Therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of ammonia tank liquid level monitoring.

Ice ammonia tank level monitoring is not only to break through the technology of industrial measurement, but also to solve the problem of level monitoring. Now the ice machine ammonia is mainly facing the following problems: first, the ice machine ammonia tank liquid level is too high may cause the ammonia tank over pressure, which causes the safety valve trip, and eventually lead to ammonia leakage. Second, the low liquid level of ammonia tank of ice machine will cause insufficient liquid ammonia provided by ammonia air conditioner, which will affect the operation and refrigeration effect of ammonia cooler.The above problems will bring a series of impacts to the ice storage, ice making and refrigeration industries. However, it is worth noting that the monitoring of ammonia tank level in the ice machine does not only consider the low temperature, but also the high temperature change is important. Therefore, wireless liquid level monitoring scheme is the most effective, for the reason that non-contact measurement and large temperature width can meet the requirements of liquid level monitoring of ammonia tank of ice machine.

In fact, most workers know that they need to monitor the level of ammonia tanks in the ice machine, but how to do so and give early warning is unknown to them. We suggest that you can refer to this type of liquid level monitoring equipment, in order to solve problems for you in time.


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