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Wireless 4G Level Sensor for Tap Water Supply System

July 26, 2022

Wireless 4G level sensors can be used for the pipe network monitoring system, i.e, the tap water supply pipe network. It can realize remote monitoring of water supply pipes of water supply enterprises.

The system is mainly consisted of wireless 4G level sensors and a cloud platform. Wireless sensors feature simple installation without complex wiring compared with the tradition method. The cloud platform can show the data in real time, the staff would have access to it via a PLC or a mobile phone at any time whenever they are at home or in the office or wherever.

wireless sensor solution

Through the system, the staff can scientifically instruct the water plants to start and stop the water supply equipment, ensure the water supply pressure balance and flow stability, and timely detect and predict pipe burst accidents. In addition, the system can also expand the functions of water quality monitoring at the end of the pipe network and remote control of valves.

This is an IoT era. We should catch the opportunity to utilize the advanced wireless 4G level sensor technologies to service for us.


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