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Wiring type ultrasonic level sensor used for garbage station

September 28, 2021

It is very easy to use a wiring type ultrasonic level sensor to measure the materials in the garbage station. However, some engineers believe that the blind spot of ultrasonic measurement will affect the measurement accuracy. In fact, we cannot eliminate the inherent physical properties of the product, but we can reduce the blind area and improve the measurement accuracy.

In the professional measurement, the wiring type ultrasonic level sensor is usually used for water, liquid or oil level monitoring. Therefore, most people do not know the non contact method to measure the height of garbage or the level of material in silos. This is because in the normal thinking mode, whether it is a wiring type ultrasonic level sensor or an submersible type water level sensor, they usually measure the level of a liquid rather than the level of a solid material. However, with the improvement of industrial technology, the wiring type ultrasonic level sensor is able to complete the measurement of solid materials. What we need to consider is that the density of the solid is different from that of the liquid level. Therefore, in order to reduce the blind spot, we can choose an wiring type ultrasonic level sensor larger than 1 times the range to improve the measurement. A large number of test experiments also tell us that the beam Angle design of less than 9°C and the response time of less than 200 milliseconds are also the premise of ensuring high accuracy.

Therefore, I think the wiring type ultrasonic level sensor has advantages and disadvantages for solid material level measurement. But say that come back, any product is not perfect in every way, how to choose to depend on oneself to the assurance of product and cognizance degree.


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