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The best fuel level sensor---capacitance liquid level sensor

April 17, 2020

The development of society promotes the continuous advancement of automotive technology, the demand for fuel level sensors has also become greater and greater, and the use of capacitance liquid level sensor is also gradually rising. The oil level sensor is mainly used for the accurate measurement of the fuel level of automobile fuel tanks, tank trucks, oil depots, etc. and the monitoring and management of fuel consumption. At present, although there are many types of fuel level sensors on the market, each product has its own unique advantages, but the capacitive liquid level sensor has a more comprehensive advantage and is the best choice for the current fuel tank level measurement.

Capacitive liquid level sensor PK ordinary level sensor

The capacitance liquid level sensor is specially designed for dynamic fuel measurement during transportation, with GPRS tracking function, which can realize oil level monitoring and management during transportation, strictly control transportation costs and improve management efficiency. Ordinary fuel level sensors are suitable for static tank level measurement, but with poor accuracy in dynamic measurement.

Capacitive liquid level sensor PK ultrasonic liquid level meter

In addition to capacitance liquid level sensor, ultrasonic sensors are also commonly used in fuel tanks. This is because they are easy to install, cheap and not in contact with fuel. However, many fuels (such as gasoline) emit rich steam. This makes it difficult for ultrasonic sensors to provide reliable datas. However, capacitive level sensors are not affected by steam or other environmental factors. Moreover, capacitive level sensors are more affordable and are as easy to install as ultrasonic sensors.

Capacitive liquid level sensor PK radar level transmitter

Radar level sensors are not affected by most environmental challenges posed by tank level measurement. In addition, they provide the advantages of non-contact technology the same as ultrasonic sensors. Radar sensors are easy to transport and install. Compared with radar, the advantage of capacitive level sensors is cost. Capacitance level sensors for tank level measurement only cost you hundreds of dollars. While, radar level sensors will cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, in the common oil level measurement, we recommend the use of cost-saving capacitance level sensor.

If you have more questions about capacitance liquid level sensor and fuel level measurement, please contact our professional engineers, we will be glad to help you.


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