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Why three wire thermocouple often uesd in industry temp measurement

May 12, 2020

There are many wiring types for thermal resistance, but three-wire thermocouple is most commonly used in the industry, because the three-wire system has unique advantages.

This is because the three-wire thermocouple can effectively reduce the additional error caused by the wire resistance. The three-wire system refers to connecting the lead at one end of the electrothermal resistance, and at the same time connecting the two leads at the other end. In most cases, the three-wire system will be used at the same time with the electric bridge, and two wires are connected to the back of the bridge respectively Connect a lead to the power supply, so that the error of the lead resistance is minimized. The use of three-wire system will greatly reduce the additional error caused by the resistance of the wire, so the industry generally adopts the three-wire system connection method.

Three-wire thermocouple is the most commonly used temperature detector in the low-temperature area. Thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the characteristic that the resistance value of a metal conductor increases with increasing temperature. Its main features are high measurement accuracy and stable performance, which are widely used in industrial temperature measurement.


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