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26G High Frequency Radar Level Transmitter Used for Barns

October 30, 2020

Melissa Evans just decides to use guided wave radar level transmitters after the recommendation of a local agent. She is a big farm owner in the west and owns several barns and feed storage tanks.

Why High Frequency Radar Level Transmitter Suits Barns

Before her decision to buy high frequency radar level transmitters for her farm, she did not have a such measuring device to monitor her feed and barns, so she had to manually check and operate and felt exhausted especially on the inventory check and material control. Now with their help, she would definitely feel easier and more convenient. These devices provide her with real time continous level monitoring so she can take corresponding operations, such as inlet and outlet of materials without manual check and operation. And these transmitters are very suitable for her barns and feed storage tanks because they are unaffected by the powder or dust generated from the grains and feeds, and the signals are not disturbed by the size and temperature of medium.


                                             high frequency radar level transmitters are used for level monitoring


To achieve best effect, correct installation of high frequency radar level transmitter matters. It is recommended not to install at a position where is unaffected by feed inlet and outlet, and leave at least 30mm space between the bottom of tanks or barns, and if there is obtacles inside the tanks, at least 200mm space should be left from the probe.