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4 Aspects to Note for Installation of Magnetic Flow Meters

March 07, 2022

Magnetic flow meter is currently one of the most popular flow measuring devices especially in water treatment and water supply piping systems. There are some aspects to note before installing.

Here are the brief installation notices for users:

1. During the installation of the magnetic flow meters, some customers tend to ignore the installation of the flowmeter whose pipe diameter is reduced. The straight pipe section after the diameter reduction is not guaranteed, which has a great impact on the measurement accuracy.

Magnetic flow meters for water supply and water treatment

2. There should be no strong leakage current on the pipeline where the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed, and install it as far away as possible from the equipment with strong electromagnetic field, such as large motors and frequency converters so as to avoid the interference of electromagnetic fields.

3. The upstream should have a straight pipe section with a diameter of no less than 10 times the pipe diameter, and a diameter of no less than 5 times the pipe diameter for the downstream.

4. Make the magnetic flow meter well grounded since it measures a weak potential to ensure its stable operation.