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Intelligent Wireless Pressure Sensor for Monitoring Grain Warehouses

March 11, 2022

Grain and grain-based products are critically important for food security. Generally speaking countries would store grains in different states/provinces especially in developing countries, governments keep grain reserves to safeguard the nationalization food security in case of an emergency. With the upgrading of technologies and increasing demands and rapid development of the grain industry, how to monitor the grain warehouses is the focus as it is the most critical link for food safety.

Holykell launches the intelligent monitoring solutions for the grain warehouses by using wireless pressure sensors. Through the combination of sensors and IoT technology, the condition in warehouses can be well kept monitoring.

Wireless pressure sensor

How Wireless Pressure Sensor Used in Grain Warehouses? Wireless pressure sensor H2601 can conduct overall monitoring of the sprinkler piping system and the fire hydrant pipelines of the entire warehouse buildings. It can detect the pipe leakage and effectively monitor the fire water supply pressure, also ensure the normal operation of fire system in the event of a fire.

The intelligent wireless pressure sensor monitors the status of the on-site pipe network, and the data collected can be transferred to the Cloud platform. The staff now have access to the data collected via a mobile phone or a computer. Alarms can be received in the form of SMS, call, WeChat message... . And historical data can be checked and tracked. A remote monitoring is realized and eliminates the trouble of frequent on-site manual inspection and data collection. It enters a wireless monitoring era!


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