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80GHz FMCW Radar Level Gauge for Measuring Chemical Storage Tanks

April 25, 2022

A project leader from a U.S.A environmental protection technology company asked us to recommend a radar level gauge for liquid level monitoring in chemical storage tank containing titanium tetrachloride. It is a colorless liquid with high density. Upon contact with humid air, it forms thick clouds and corrosive fumes. It is highly corrosive.

Due to its special properties, we recommend our 80GHz radar level gauge for the case. It adopts higher transmitting frequency of 80GHz that allows considerably better focusing of the emitted signal. In storage tanks or silos with many internal installations, it works better facing the complex structure and severe working conditions, the good focusing helps reduce the influence of microwave noise.

Holykell 80GHz radar level sensor

80GHz radar level gauge can penetrate non-polar substances (like ray properties), which has ideal measurement stability and anti-interference ability. With extremely small antenna beam angle and strong adaptive automatic gain function, it is less affected by the size or shape of the tank and obstacle inside. What's the most important, its accuracy is high up to ±1mm.

After on-site testing, our 80GHz FM radar level gauge successfully started working in the storage tank of titanium tetrachloride, showing the high reliability and stability under complex working conditions.