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Installation Tips for Insertion Magnetic Flow Meters

April 22, 2022

Holykell provides different types of magnetic flow meters, including split type, and integrated type , besides, we also provide insertion types. The insertion electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for pipelines greater than DN300mm. How to install insertion type magflow meter?

The installation suggestions mainly include:

1. The installation position should try to avoid ferromagnetic objects and equipment with strong electromagnetic fields (such as large motors, large transformers, etc.), so as not to affect the working magnetic field and flow signal of the sensor.

2. The medium should ensure the flow of the full tube at the installation position to avoid the unsatisfactory tube and the gas adhering to the electrode.

3. The installation position of the meter on the pipeline should be far away from the valve. The length of the front and rear straight pipe sections is ≥5DN before the flow meter and ≥3DN at the back end.

4. When the flow rate of the medium does not meet the requirements, a flow meter with a smaller diameter should be used. At this time, a tapered pipe with a different diameter should be used or part of the pipe should be modified to make it the same diameter as the sensor, but the front and rear straight pipe sections must at least meet: Straight pipe section ≥ 5DN, rear straight pipe section ≥ 3DN (DN is the pipe diameter)

5. The electromagnetic flow meter installation site should choose a place with shade and rain protection. If it is often exposed to rain or immersed in water, products with a protection level of IP68 should be selected.

6. The management personnel should check and maintain regularly to ensure the normal operation of the instrument, and deal with the problem in time.

Holykell magnetic flow meter

In case that users meet problems that can't be solved by themselves, we suggest not disassembling the magnetic flow meters without the professional instruction. Contact us for the help of our experienced engineers.


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