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Borehole Water Level Sensor for Water Resource Protection

April 23, 2021

Borehole water level sensors play a very important role in water resource protection. As nowadays groundwater has increasingly become important and in the future this trend is expected to grow more due to economic growth, together with population growth, urbanization, water contamination and pollution, as well as the projected climate change impacts.

Part of our water supply comes from the groundwater thus ground water level is important, a borehole water level sensor measures and monitors its level and provides reference for scientific research. So researchers can know and compare the water level in different time periods and understand the development and consequence.

                                                                       Borehole water level sensors are used for deep water measurement

We can measure the water level by placing the borehole water level sensor into a hole which we can dip in advance, the max depth up to 500m. Or we can insert a PVC tube in the hole first and then place the sensor in the tube for protection the sensor against bump by the wall. Its life can be up to 10 years if it is well used and maintained.