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Breathing Machine Pressure Sensor for Healthcare Industry

December 08, 2020

2020 is an unprecedented year of development for breathing machine pressure sensors, due to the outbreak and spread of plague, hospitals get rapid rising demands for ventilators.

Breathing Machine Pressure Sensor for Healthcare Industry

As you may know that breathing machine pressure sensor is one of the vital components of breathing machines. In the breathing machines, it mainly converts the airway pressure into a signal, and sends the measured value to the circuit MCU to make accurate inhalation and exhalation judgments. Then the MCU sends commands to control the intake pump to increase or decrease the pipeline pressure, which allow patients to breathe naturally and smoothly without any resistance.

                                                                        breathing machine pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

Our breathing machine pressure sensor combines MEMS technology, setting a new performance standard for high integration and high stability thanks to its temperature compensation and signal amplification function. Being compact and light, it features EMC protection, high resistance of heat shock and vibration. Besides, it can also prevent chemical pollution which is suitable for bad environment especially in hospitals. And customization of different shells and parameters is available to meet different needs.