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Capacitive Probe for Water Tank Application

January 22, 2021

Whether in industrial production or ordinary life, liquid level control is very common while capacitive probes can be used in both.

Wide Application Range of Capacitive Probes

Capacitive probes can be used in water level monitoring includes water level in water tower, hydropower station, reservoirs, and in various vessels. There are so many ways to achieve water level monitoring and control, what advantages can we get by using this probe?

                                                                                  Capacitive probes are used for liquid level measurement

Advantages of Capacitive Probes

Capacitive probes can provide continuous water level data. In the process of controlling the water level of the water tower, it is often necessary to detect the change of the water level. The capacitive probe provides data that can be viewed in real time at any time. The structure is simple and the installation is easy, for water tanks, they are typically installed at the top of tanks. Besides, they provide high accuracy but the price is relatively low, much lower than ultrasonic level sensors and radar level sensors. Moreover, except water, they can also measure various non-conductive liquids, like fuel, oils and etc.

Disadvantages of Capacitive Probes

The disadvantage of capacitive probes is the measuring range is relatively small, especially compared with the two as above mentioned. Different devices can work well in different cases, so choose the most suitable product according to the specific application.