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Use Notes of Air Differential Pressure Sensor

January 21, 2021

With the development of technologies, air differential pressure sensors come into industries and get widely used in recent years. With proper use and routine maintainance, the service life of air differential pressure sensors can be guaranteed.

Aspects to note

Pay attention to the following three points when using an air differential pressure sensor:

                                                                             Air differential pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

The measuring range, zero drift, accuracy, static pressure error, etc. of the air differential pressure sensor must be recalibrated before use.

After the transmitter is installed, it is necessary to check the working pressure, working temperature, measurement range, drift before using.

Check if the air differential pressure sensor is consistent with the actual situation. If not, find out the cause and correct it before using.

When turning if on and off, the meter should be protected from unidirectional static pressure.


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