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Difference between Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter and Fixed Ultrasonic Flow Meter

January 26, 2021

There are various types of flow meters on the market to measure flow rate, while portable ultrasonic flow meters may be the best choice for applications requiring moving measurement. Someone prefer using the portable one while others would like a fixed one. What's the difference between portable ultrasonic flow meters and fixed ones.

Different Application Occasions

The first difference between a portable ultrasonic flow meter and a fixed one is the different application occasions. The fixed ultrasonic flow meter is mainly installed in a fixed position, and can measure the flow of liquid in a fixed pipeline for a long time without interruption, while the portable flow meter is mobile and is mainly used for liquids in a pipe for temporary measurement.

                                                                                   Protable ultrasonic flow meters are used for flow measurement

Different Power Supplies

The second difference between a portable ultrasonic flow meter and a fixed one is that the power supply methods. Because the fixed one runs uninterrupted for a long time, it is necessary to use 220v uninterrupted power supply to continuously supply power, while the portable ultrasonic flow meter not only can use 220v AC power supply, but also is equipped with batteries, so that it can fully meet the needs of measuring flow in an environment without AC power.

Choose the Right Flow Meter

Due to the convenience, portable ultrasonic flow meter has a wide application in various industries. Different products are suitable for different occasions, so choose the right product according to the specific application.


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