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Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter Used in Wastewater in Oil Production

May 18, 2021

With the increase of oil demand and the development of oil production, more and more electromagnetic water flow meters are used to deal with the wastewater generated from oil extraction. Accurate measuring the amount of wastewater can be the adjustment reference for wastewater treatment and re-use since after the treatment of wastewater, most water will be used as mining injection water and reinjected into the stratum.

Before applying electromagnetic water flow meter, one of our Canada customers used turbine flow meter but soon later, they found the measurement error reached 20% or over, which caused great resource waste. The reason lies in the great amount of suspension solids in the waste water that caused blockage and then damaged the blades. The obvious advantages of using electromagnetic water flow meter compared with turbine flow meter include:

●No moving parts inside the pipes, blockage concern free, which eliminates the periodic maintenance by dismantle the instrument.

●By using anti-corrosive electrode and liner, long service life guaranteed.

●The resistance of high temperature, suitable for the waste water in oil production.

                                                       Electromagnetic flow meters are used for water measurement


Through using the electromagetic water flow meter, treatment of oil extraction wastewater pollution and the utilization of waste water resources have become more effective in the development of oil fields.