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What Factors Decides Type of Pressure Transducer Sensor Used

May 14, 2021

Pressure transducer sensors play critical process and quality control roles in automotive, medical, industrial, consumer and building devices, which depend on accurate and stable pressure measurements in order to operate reliably.

What engineers should note when selecting pressure transducer sensors include the range, as our applications may vary from very low vacuum (negative pressure) to very high pressure (10,000 psi or more). In addition to the pressure range, engineers must consider other several parameters to select the appropriate pressure sensor, such as the medium type, pressure sensors can measure air, gas, liquid, while some medium is corrosive, or of high temperature, thus different types shall be used.


                                                                               Pressure transducer sensors are used for pressure and level measurement


Besides, the process connection and electronic connection of pressure transducer sensors are the aspects to note. And for some applications, users requires high accuracy. So when selecting products, the required application information must be provided so we can recommend and provide the most suitable product for the specific application..


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