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Electromagnetic flowmeters are used on oil RIGS

January 14, 2020

Electromagnetic flowmeter is developed based on electromagnetic induction principle. It is mainly designed for the measurement of volume flow of conductive liquid and slurry in closed pipes. Therefore, it is mainly used in oil drilling platforms, chemical, metallurgy and food industries. Compared with turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters are more suitable for oil drilling platforms.

The advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters over turbine flowmeters are as follows: first, they can develop circuits and software based on the layout of oil pipelines to adapt to various flow monitoring. Second, oil exploration is conducted in an outdoor environment. To ensure the safety of oil collection, oil pipelines are sealed and often corroded by strong sunlight and rain, while electromagnetic flowmeters are free from rain corrosion. Third, the electromagnetic flowmeter measures the pipe as the through pipe diameter, and the internal open-flow components will not block the pipe, thus avoiding the work of regular disassembly and maintenance. Fourth, it USES corrosion-resistant electrodes and lining materials to ensure the flow meter is used in rain all year round. Fifthly, Holykell communication protocol and custom interface are adopted to satisfy various systems of users and reduce the cost of frequent replacement of flow meters.

The research and development of electromagnetic flowmeter provides an effective solution for the measurement of discharge volume of oil drilling platforms in various countries. However, turbine flowmeters are not suitable for corrosion environment measurement, and they have different solutions for sewage pipeline and river mud flow rate monitoring.


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