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High frequency radar level transducers used in food industry

January 14, 2020

The advantage of high frequency radar level transducers for food industry measurements has become a well-known "secret". At the same time, it also marks that the radar level transducer has reached a new height. On the one hand, the high-speed development of high frequency radar level transducer is to adapt to the development of the times and market demand. On the other hand, the majority of users have a strong interest in it and sensor manufacturers have high cost input in the research and development capabilities.

The frequency of the most widely used high frequency radar level transducer is mainly 26GHz at present. Thus the 26GHz high frequency radar level transducer is used in almost all industrial measurement environments. It has the advantage of not only the frequency range, but more importantly, the radar wave is not affected by pressure, steam, temperature and viscosity, and it is easy to operate, reading and user satisfaction. Compared with ultrasonic level meter, it has low price and low maintenance cost, these are the problems we must consider in the level measurement.

High frequency radar level transducers can be used in the food industry has many advantages. More importantly, it can be measured in small containers and process connections, or even in the mixing process of a beverage or food factory. In order to adapt to a variety of measurement environments, we have been updating the sensitivity and filtering algorithm of the high-frequency radar level sensor, and developing different shapes according to different applications, so as to adapt to different conditions of measurement environment. For the food industry, we can ensure that the medium will not be contaminated by the promise of non-contact measurement and non-cleaning, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate measurement.




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