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Electronic Pressure Switch V.S Pressure Sensor

March 22, 2021

Pressure measurement is very common in various industries, have you ever used an electronic pressure switch? Both as a pressure measuring device, what's the difference between an electronic pressure switch and a pressure sensor?

What's Electronic Pressure Switch

                                                                                             Electronic pressure switches are used for pressure measurement and control

Electronic pressure switch is an intelligent digital-displayed product for pressure test and control. It integrates functions of measuring, display, output and control all in one. The output is processed by high-precision and low-temperature drift amplifier, then transformed into digital signal that could be processed by MPU(Micro Processor Unit).The processed signals control two switches and then measure and control the pressure.

What are the Advantages of Electronic Pressure Switch?

Hence, compared with a pressure sensor, the most obvious advantage of electronic pressure switch is, it's more than a pressure sensor, it's also a controller. It combines a pressure sensor for continuous data collection and one or two mechanical switches to control limit values within the process. As soon as a preset pressure is reached, an electronic pressure switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact. Besides, it features a digital display, as an electronic pressure switch with display, where a local indication is needed, they can replace a mechanical gauge, as the display allows the user to see the trend in pressure locally at the machine.

Where Electronic Pressure Switches are Used?

With so many advantages, the electronic pressure switches are widely used in hydraulic pressure control, industrial automation control, tank liquid level control, water conservancy, pressure meter, laboratory equipment, automatic detection system and gas pressure measurement, etc.


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