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Food Grade Pressure Sensor in Sanitary Industry

November 19, 2020

Sanitary industry such as food factory, has a high demand for food grade pressure sensors which can be used to monitor and control in the process meanwhile they can help to meet their sanitary requirement.

Food Grade Pressure Sensor in Sanitary Industry

Food grade pressure sensors are different from other normal sensors since they are used in sanitary condition and food factories are a highly regulated and controlled industry with various systems. Product consistency matters for food manufacturers as they have to maintain their industry reputation and repeat business. Inaccurate liquid level measurement, or incorrect ingredient dispensing wastes food processing time, money and materials.


                                                                              food grade pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement


Typically they can be used for monitoring and control of food processing operation. For example, they can be used to monitor or determine specific volumes of liquid dispensed, since too much or too little liquid may mean the product is spoiled.

This kind of food grade pressure sensor features compact size and flat diaphragm which minimizes the chance of contact with medium so as to resolve the problem of clogging, cleaning difficulty and scaling, meanwhile reducing the risk of contamination on food.