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How Borehole Water Level Sensor Used for Confined Spaces

April 08, 2022

As per the increasing demands of our customers especially from South Africa, we design these Ø16mm diameter borehole water level sensors for smaller boreholes, deep wells, or confined spaces. Actually, we have a bigger diameter Ø19mm, however, obviously, a Ø16mm demand is increasing. It is a perfect water level monitoring device.

Two different designs of borehole water level sensors are available, one is the short version with a black nylon filtration cap, and the other is with a stainless steel filtration cap. The two different versions designed are for different ranges. The short one is specially designed for range less than 50m, and is lighter. And the long type is for range above 50m, and it is heavier than the black short one. The added weight guarantees the probe can sink in the water when the level is above 50m.

borehole water level sensor

Unique filtration design is considered when the first idea of the borehole water level sensor came out. The filtration cap blocks impurities, particles or others entering the internal. And the welding technology is upgraded for better sealing. What's more, the cost is quite attractive, 10%~15% lower than other brands on the market. We have been making effort on optimizing our component and material vendors based on the quality guaranteed.

So if you happen to look for a quality borehole water level sensor, especially of a large quantity, then why not try this one?


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