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How Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meters Installed on Pipes

September 28, 2021

How we correctly install clamp on ultrasonic flow meters? This question might be very common for users but the answer is very crucial as it affect the measuring accuracy.

The installation of clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is the easiest among those of all flowmeters. Just select a suitable measuring point, input the pipeline parameters at the measuring point into the flowmeter, and then fix the sensors on the pipe. While correct measuring point is the key point. Remember:

1. Choose a pipe section filled with fluid that is uniform and easy to transmit ultrasonic waves, such as a vertical pipe section or a horizontal pipe section.

2. The installation distance should be a straight pipe section with no valves, elbows, variable diameters within the upstream greater than 10 times the straight pipe diameter and the downstream greater than 5 times the straight pipe diameter. The installation point should be far away from valves, pumps, high-voltage electricity and interference sources such as inverters.

                             Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are used for water flow measurement

3. Avoid installing on the highest point of the piping system or on vertical pipes with free outlets.

4. For open or half-full pipes, the clamp on ultrasonic flow meters should be installed at the U-shaped pipe section.



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