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How Do Borewell Water Level Sensors Help

October 23, 2020

Maybe it is the right time for Mr.Alexander to own a borewell water level sensor as he just drilled several wells around his factory and he needs to keep an eye on how much water inside them available and if it is enough for him to support his production.

How Do Borewell Water Level Sensors Help

Actually borewell water level sensors are typically a submersible level senor and rest at the bottom of a well or borewell, and measure level by detecting the pressure exerted by the volume of liquid above it. This is then converted to a level based on the dimensions of the well or borewell.


                                                   borehole level sensors are used for borehole level monitoring


If you are going to use borewell water level sensors, something you may know is that many water wells range in depth from 10 to 100 feet. However, some wells are drilled hundreds of feet deep! and for some ground water project, it may be thousands of feet. So you may need a very long cable. Some sensors can reach the measurement range up to 500m (approximately 1640 feet). And the cable length can be customerized to match if you really have such a deep well. And amplifiers are built-in so the signals can travel along the cable.

Though borewell water level sensors are dedicatedly designed for borewell water measurement, they can also be used for water tanks, ground water, city water, rivers, lakes and etc.