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How Holykell Accessories Support Fuel Tank Level Sensors

November 19, 2021

When Mr. Jackson was installing the fuel tank level sensor, he found he had a problem to fix the cable.The cable would fall off in the fuel tank, and there is hard to install some bracelets or devices to around the installation hole. He was quite upset.

After knowing that we have supported accessories to better install the fuel tank level sensors, he soon bought the locking flanges and got them used. The cable goes through the flange hole and the flange is fixed on the tank. There is no more problem of the cables. Besides, he also uses our cable connectors to connect the two cables in the fuel since the cables are not long enough. With IP68 protection rating, the connector connects the two cable ends well and no extra sealing measures are required.

Holykell accessory helps fuel tank level measurement

Holykell fuel tank level sensors provides continuous level monitoring data, and the matching accessories also guarantees the installation and the measurement effects. We provide various accessories to improve your project, welcome to contact for more information.


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