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How Pressure Level Sensors Used in Wireless Level Monitoring for Water Supply

June 20, 2022

For water treatment and water supply system, we recommend a wireless level monitoring solution to realize an automatic, remote and efficient detection and control.

The wireless level monitoring solution includes a pressure level sensor, an alarm light, a wireless module, and a cloud platform. Then how we make it? For example, we can put a level sensor into the bottom of a tank, and the sensor collected the level data and transmit signals through the cable, with combined the wireless module, control and display system and alarm light, the liquid level value can be displayed on the platform or a display. Meanwhile, the water pump can be turned on or off automatically according to the command controlled by the system.

How we install submersible borehole level sensors

The other great feature of the solution lies on the alarm function. Before operation, we set the triggers in the system, which decides the alarm limit. For example, we can set the lower limit as 1m, so when the actual level is below 1 m, the system can issue alarms to remind the users.

Besides, except pressure level sensors can be used, other sensors and devices can be connected at the same time, such as temperature sensors and flow meters to realize complete measurement. Different wireless terminal supports different qty of channels.